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June 23, 2007



Dear Gene:
What a great brother you are! It sounds like the cake didn't disappoint after all this time.

Min. Gene Viale

Well, we finally got down the the bakery across from the Japan Center in San Francisco. We drove all the way from Santa Rosa, so that my sister Diane would have her favorite cake--(The Coffee Crunch cake) for her birthday. The trip was well worth the price of gas and the frustration of dealing with traffic and parking problems. It was great! Thank you so much for re-connecting us with a long time memory and a real four star confection..experience..Min. Gene Viale

Gene  Viale

Dear Karletta: Thank you again. This time for responding to our note. We look forward to enjoying our crunch cake treat..very soon..Thank you.min. Gene Viale

Karletta Moniz

Dear Gene,
Another great place to get Coffee Crunch Cake in SF is at Yasukochis Sweet Shop, 1790 Sutter Street, SF 94115. 415-931-8165.

Karletta Moniz

Gene  Viale

Hi, My sister Diane and I were just sitting in my living room. I just got through putting up my Christmas Tree and we were reminesing about our favorite childhood memories. We are both native San Franciscans and we both named Coffee Crunch cakes as one of our most favorite treats from our past. Mom would buy one for any special occasion we had. I most times was with her as we would go to the Blums Bakery upstairs at Macy's on Union Square.So on the internet we came to try and find out if there was any where we would beable to purchase one...for memory sake of course..lol..Thank you for this info..we will be calling to order soon...Minister Gene Viale, Citrus Heights, California

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