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February 08, 2005


Flower Girl

Oh really... i also like those buns...which a little bit sweet coconut inside....i like fruit cocktail as well.... i use is while making fruit delight....


Culinary Muse

I know, Beverly. Aren't they the best? Try to be there when they are hot out of the oven. Amazing!


How could it be that I hadn't known about the GGB until now? The egg custard tarts are divine - the best you'll find in the Bay Area. The crust is thin and flaky. The custard is a sublime balance of creamy goodness and egginess. There is a sheen on the custard that shows off its sun kissed appearance. These $1.00 tarts are worth the detour. The cocktail buns also get raves. My co-worker who is not too fond of coconut found these buns to be a delectable afternoon treat. Finding a time to go when there are no lines is the ultimate secret.


golden gate bakery closes a month before the moon festival to prepare the thousands of mooncakes sold then.

They're round, dense "cakes" with a thin, sweet, wheat based crust surrounding a most commonly sweet filling. The filling can be red bean paste, white lotus seed paste, winter melon & nuts and other variations. They often have a salted duck egg yolk in the interior, which cuts the rich sweetness of the paste filling.

Golden Gate bakery is well known for them and charge a premium. I usually buy the white lotus seed paste with 2 yolks per cake. A box of 4 moon cakes will cost around $28.

Do give them a try later this fall.


I hadn't been to your site for a while and was delighted to catch up on your culinary musings! My daughter and I still have the chocolate and sea salt cookies on our "to do" baking list!

Keep up the great writing, it is a pleasure to read!

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